I Ran Away From Norway

It’s been about two weeks since I came back from Norway and I wrote a post just before I left but! Never really managed to finish it. I don’t think I really digested what I’d learnt, my mind was firmly in the ‘next step’ mode and trying to sort my life out. Anticipating moving back… Continue reading I Ran Away From Norway

This Isn’t a Travel Story

Facebook reminded me this morning that a year ago today I had a really disastrous trip to Norway/Sweden. Looking back, it makes me laugh sometimes, but it was such a turning point for me. Instead of dredging it all back up, I’m gonna give an overview: Arrived in Bergen, all good. Had a couple of… Continue reading This Isn’t a Travel Story

Home is Where Your Mind is.

There’s always been one thought that has plagued my travels: the feeling of never feeling at ‘home’. When I think of home, I think of my childhood home. I think of the big garden full of flowers and the sound of the decking as I walk to the back door. I think about my dogs… Continue reading Home is Where Your Mind is.

That Night I Turned Bridget Jones.

Whenever I told people this story they would always being up Bridget Jones and I never understood…But this is the story about the night I spent in Vietnamese jail. Kinda. I made a very costly mistake in Hong Kong. It will forever be known as the most expensive Tinder date I ever went on. But… Continue reading That Night I Turned Bridget Jones.

I’m Not Sure What to Title This But It’s About School

My best friend is starting Uni in a couple and I wanted to give her some advice from hindsight. I’m so friggin jealous that she gets to see London from a fresh perspective, if that makes sense, if I could Men in Black style erase my memory and see it all over I totally would.… Continue reading I’m Not Sure What to Title This But It’s About School

Resistance and Growth

Resistance is a word that keeps buzzing in my mind recently. This summer I graduated and began moving from the life I’ve known for the past three years, which doesn’t sound like a long time but Uni was the place where I feel I really started to grow up. I upped sticks and left the… Continue reading Resistance and Growth

I ran away to Norway…

Tripping over what looked like 500 pairs of children’s shoes was the starting point of my Workaway adventure. Following an incredible year of travelling in 2016, I decided I wanted to take a more personal path. Norway has a place in my heart for its beautiful landscapes, and the men aren’t bad either, so I… Continue reading I ran away to Norway…