My First Time (Teaching)

After spending the previous months writing and formulating the perfect lesson plans, full of fun and being outdoors, I picked up my under filled backpack and landed in Dublin. This was my first time in Ireland and also my first time as an in person TEFL teacher. It was daunting as my online business was… Continue reading My First Time (Teaching)

Why Budapest Should Be Your First Solo Destination

My first ever solo trip, May 2016. I remember feeling excited but nervous, the usual thoughts of something new like this. When I tell people about my travelling they say I’m brave, I don’t think I am, but it definitely takes some balls to make the first move. Anyway, that’s more for another day, lets… Continue reading Why Budapest Should Be Your First Solo Destination

This is the Update I Planned on Posting

Bonjour 2019, how is it going? I’m a lot less suicidal than 2018 so there’s something. Aside from that, life has had a bit of a shake up. A week or so ago I left my job working with young people in a secure unit. Believe me, it was a hard decision but also a… Continue reading This is the Update I Planned on Posting

A Girls Guide to Israel

When I told people I was going to Israel they looked at me like I had two heads, and I don’t blame them. There was something that drew me to the place but, to be honest, I was scared as hell. Why did I decide to stay in a warzone for my birthday? Was I… Continue reading A Girls Guide to Israel

Lets Talk About 2017.

Hey, hi, hello!! Happy 2018!! How are we all? I spent christmas at home with my family, the only thing I really wanted, and gained like 7lbs so it’s swings and roundabouts… Anyway. Most of the time away I’ve spent trying to adjust to moving home from living on my own but mainly the challenges… Continue reading Lets Talk About 2017.

I Ran Away From Norway

It’s been about two weeks since I came back from Norway and I wrote a post just before I left but! Never really managed to finish it. I don’t think I really digested what I’d learnt, my mind was firmly in the ‘next step’ mode and trying to sort my life out. Anticipating moving back… Continue reading I Ran Away From Norway

Home is Where Your Mind is.

There’s always been one thought that has plagued my travels: the feeling of never feeling at ‘home’. When I think of home, I think of my childhood home. I think of the big garden full of flowers and the sound of the decking as I walk to the back door. I think about my dogs… Continue reading Home is Where Your Mind is.